Custom orders


I can make porcelain custom doll, but I do not make portrait dolls. You can choose the type of doll from sections "Porcelain 2016" and "Porcelain 2017". And you can describe the general image of your future doll and choose colours for her eyes, lips and hair. All the rest is for me. I love art and freedom in my work and I do not make dolls on clear instructions. I make one porcelain doll more than 2 months. The price is 3000$ for nude doll with a wig. Without engravings, tattoos and accessories. With all these additionals the price will be more.


  1. I can accept PayPal. I have to use the services of intermediaries for PayPal, but this method is available.
  2. I can accept transfer from your Visa / MasterCard to my MasterCard.
  3. I prefer SWIFT transfer. It is absolutely safe transfer from your bank account to my account. Read more...If you choose SWIFT I will discount for this type of payment.

Worldwide shipping


I send dolls all over the world via EMS service. Read more...

Payment for shipping and handling usually is $ 70-100.

Normally EMS-shipping takes 7-10 business days.