My name is Anna Kucherenko. I am an artisanal doll maker from Ukraine. I make porcelain and resin BJDs(ball jointed dolls) since 2010.
I create each doll from my own molds, manually, without the use of 3D technologies. 

My dolls are unique and each doll is dated and signed.
They are fully articulated with many points of articulation.
My dolls are able to take on many different poses, just like real people. You'd be surprised how much they can do!
For porcelain painting I use china paints, which are fired at high temperatures (about 750 degrees Celsius) and will never fade, scratch or chip.
All porcelain doll joints are lined with genuine leather.
For resin dolls I use watercolor pencils and acrylic, then I fix the painting with Mr.Super Clear sealant.
I normally assemble my dolls with elastic cord, which will last for a long time. Sometimes I use metal springs or a combination of metal springs with elastic cord.
I make wigs using mohair, viscose and silk. Each wig made strictly according to the doll's head and holds firmly on three magnets.
Each doll comes in a beautiful and durable wooden box with my logo.
Some of my unique porcelain dolls have accessories made of precious metals and stones, fantasy wigs with complicated hairstyles and special articles like a doll stand or furniture, ...etc. You can occasionally see, and buy, such OOAK dolls on eBay auction.
Each doll is not only a lot of hard daily work but also a part of my soul. And I'm glad to share it with you!
I participate in International Doll Exhibitions. My works has been published in various publications.
My dolls are in private collections worldwide .

Thank you for your interest in my work and welcome!